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With a focus on developing the whole child, we strive to provide resources for students and families that help form healthy habits, gain new experiences and support existing health needs while students are at school.

Breaks for physical activity

Recess is such an important part of academic success. Having an opportunity to run off energy is just what many kids need in order to sit in the classroom. When the weather is too cold or rainy, we have recess inside.

Physical education

Gym class is another great way to get kids moving. Whether learning how to play a new sport or an old favorite, students have gym class each week.

Nutrition to fuel great minds

Our hot lunch program, provided by Trio Community Meals, meets USDA guidelines for nutrition. Many days there is a second meal option to help provide variety for students. Families can apply for free or reduced pricing for lunch.

On site nurse

Accidents happen and kids get sick. Our on site nurse helps students with accidents, illness and supporting good health.

Support for the whole child

Through the City Connects program, we have an onsite school counselor who evaluates every student, each year. Through this work, individual plans are created to help students support student success and connect families to needed resources.

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