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Research shows that when students wear school uniforms, they are better able to focus on their academics, there is a greater sense of community and less bullying. School uniforms also reduce the economic and social barriers between students.

Our uniform provider is Donald’s. You can search their store for our specific uniform options. White polos, navy pants and skirts can also be purchased from other retailers. New logoed school uniforms can only be purchased from Donald’s. Our annual Family Social, held in August, includes a used uniform sale where you can find great deals on uniforms!

Uniform Policy

Our Uniform Policy is available in the Parent/Student Handbook. Below are key excerpts.

  • The Uniform Policy applies to students in kindergarten through 8th grade. Preschool students are encouraged to wear casual, comfortable clothes.
  • Parents are expected to be the primary monitors of the uniform policy. Please help us by ensuring your child is in uniform each day.
  • Students are expected to be in full, correct uniform each school day. The classroom teacher will expect a note of explanation from the parent if the student is not in uniform.

Out of Uniform Policy

Out of uniform days will occur at the discretion of the school principal and will be announced in advance. Attire for non-uniform days must be suitable and appropriate for school, with similar expectations as the school uniform. Some inappropriate examples are t-shirts with inappropriate sayings, shirts that do not cover belly button or stomach areas or are too low cut, and pants that are torn or sized incorrectly. Pants that are too low on the hips (hip-huggers and low-rise pants) are not allowed.

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