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Blessed Trinity recognizes that parents are the primary educators of their children. In that spirit, parental involvement is both encouraged and supported in a variety of ways. A healthy partnership between parents and Blessed Trinity serves to provide the best possible learning environment for our students. In fact, studies show that students whose parents are involved at their school perform better academically.

Whether you are new to our community with your first student enrolled, have BT graduates in your family or somewhere in between, we’ve pulled together often requested information together for you that you can find listed below.

Parent portal and class directory. Parents can access a class directory with contact information through PlusPortals. Book mark this link for easy access https://www.plusportals.com/BlessedTrinityCatholicSchool. Mrs. Jill Elfering has a number of resources you can access to help set up your account. You can find them on her website.

Bullying and harassment of any kind is not tolerated. Full definitions and policies can be found in the Parent/Student Handbook. To report an incident of bullying or harassment, please use this form.

Family life. We have an ongoing professional relationship with Dr. Steve Kahn and his group of licensed counselors. Parents are invited to contact Dr. Kahn directly at any time for any reason. He is available to meet with parents to discuss any issue pertaining to family life and raising children. There is never a charge. His phone number is 651-426-4297 and his email is stevekahn@comcast.net. You may also want to explore his website www.drstevekahn.com. There are five years of articles about parenting archived there and they are free. You may read them, download them, save them to your computer, print them, and share them with other parents.

TADS is our tuition billing system. We use it for tuition agreements, financial aid applications and billing.

Peace of Mind. Catholic Schools of Excellence launched our Peace of Mind initiative to support Catholic school leaders, teachers, parents and students through practical experiences and effective techniques. In partnership with Twin Cities-based Phoenix School Counseling, Peace of Mind provides resources to Catholic schools to help their preschool-eighth grade students, families, teachers and leaders work through today’s difficulties, as well as prepare to handle future challenges. To support the mental health and wellness of everyone in Catholic school communities, Peace of Mind offers: monthly webinars. Links to those recordings are found here:

Back to School 2022 – September
Parenting in 2022 and beyond presents specific challenges not seen before in the field of psychology and child development. In this session we will talk about some concrete tips to make your back to school transition smoother and offer some helpful insights into how to parent in 2022 and beyond.

Psychological Wellness Begins at Home – October
Our children are more stressed and anxious than any time in modern history. How we parent and manage emotions at home can protect our children and bolster their emotional resilience, or it can hinder development and make things worse. This session will focus on parenting strategies that promote healthy psychological development. The influences of technology, pressures of modern life, and common parenting mistakes will be discussed. Parents will leave with concrete strategies to help their children thrive.

Technology and Social Media – November
The use of social media and technology is one of the most popular areas of concern for parents of children and adolescents. How much is too much? How do we keep our kids safe online? What about the constant social comparisons? This session will focus on the latest research on use of social media and technology. It will also help us understand the relationship between brain development and what drives the need to feel connected online as well as those areas of big concern like pornography and algorithms that target adolescent vulnerabilities. and Parenting tips will be offered.

Intuitive Discipline – December
We are always parenting in two moments. This moment, now, to manage the issue at hand, and at the same time we are modeling what our children will expect in their future relationships. When we discipline with a focus on the “long game”, we are more likely to model healthy interactions and set good expectations. This session will focus on how, when, and how much to discipline, using concrete examples and techniques.

Exceptional Children – January

Parenting children with educational and behavioral differences can be rewarding AND challenging. Even children who are gifted and talented present special challenges in parenting. In this session we will discuss parenting children who have diverse needs because of educational, behavioral, and mental health challenges, as well as those who may need more enrichment.

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