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Whole Child Support: City Connects

Blessed Trinity Catholic School educates and develops the whole child as an image of God by providing an atmosphere of academic excellence within a Catholic and family-centered framework where all are welcome. Teachers, school staff, families and community partners come together to support each student at Blessed Trinity. One huge piece of how we do this is through the City Connects program.

City Connects helps focus our attention and resources on the individual needs of our students and their families. Through this opportunity, we have been able to welcome students and families more effectively while providing more opportunities for them to succeed.  Patrick O’Keefe, Principal

Since the beginning of our partnership with the City Connects Program through Boston College, Blessed Trinity has improved the coordination and delivery of student support in our school. This means more students and families are receiving more support, when they need it.

Mrs. Breanna Smith is our City Connects Coordinator. She is a licensed social worker and will graduate in June with a Masters in Social Work and holds a LGSW. Mrs. Smith organizes resources inside Blessed Trinity and those out in our community. She connects students and families with services they need to help students be successful at school. Mrs. Smith is our point person for community-based service providers and for families. This has lightened the load of Mr. Patrick O’Keefe, our principal and our teachers.

Developmental science tells us that each child develops along different domains. These include academic, social-emotional, health-wise and family wise and are developing all at the same time. If something is not developing properly in one area, it can impact other parts of the child’s life.

“I appreciate having a professional support in Breanna. I know that I can reach more students, from any economic background, with unique learning needs because of the resources City Connects makes available.” Erin Kiminski, Middle School Teacher

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