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Learning and Growth

Our Blessed Trinity students continued to demonstrate strong growth as measured by NWEA MAP assessments. This standardized test is normed against students across the country to measure achievement against learning standards as well as growth over time. While the primary results measure an individual student growing towards their own learning needs, we can also see how our students compare to same-aged peers across the country. 

The impact of a BT education is evident in the progress our students make over time, but most especially in our graduates.  The last four graduating classes (2017, 2018, 2019, 2021*) began their time at Blessed Trinity at or below the national average of their peers at the primary grades (K-2).  By the time they graduated, the class average reached the 79th percentile in Mathematics, 75th percentile in reading, 92nd percentile in Language, and 87th percentile in Science.  Collectively, those BT graduates grew by 25 points in Math (54th percentile to 79th percentile) and 21 points in Reading (54th to 75th).  The Class of 2021 demonstrated significant growth particularly across their middle school years, gaining 37 percentile points in math and 33 points in reading.

As we welcome our diverse student population to school, we observe that many students begin their journey well below their peers.  This is true for our youngest Tigers beginning in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade, as well as transfer students in our upper grades.  Over time, those students begin to close the gap on their BT peers by exceeding the average expected growth.  In looking to the future, in-person learning showed positive early results for our youngest Tigers.  The Classes of 2028 (1st Grade) and 2029 (Kindergarten) both exceeded national averages in math (‘28: 61st percentile, ‘29: 71st) and

reading (‘28: 86th, ‘29: 85th) at the end of the 2020-2022 school year.  This is a promising beginning that we look forward to tracking and enhancing as we welcome new classmates and continue their formation here at Blessed Trinity.

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