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2020-21 School year and “In-Person Success”

The 2020-2021 school year at Blessed Trinity was unprecedented, if for no other reason than it can be summarized as an “in-person success.” The simple reality of coming together as a community of learning animated our efforts in the face of the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We adapted our plans and models to allow teachers and staff to engage students at school, while asking our beloved families, friends, and volunteers to continue supporting us from afar.  Families felt the lingering impacts of a struggling economy, seeking creative ways to feed their families and pay bills, while supporting their children to attend BT.  We found grace and strength to work in completely different ways, while using new tools to remain connected with those inside and outside our school buildings.  We committed to each other, BT Tigers, always.  

As a result, it was a wonderful year together.  Our community welcomed 40 new students to Blessed Trinity, many seeking an opportunity to return to classrooms with their teachers and peers.  The experience was so positive that over 90% of those students are returning to BT despite prior communities reopening.  In truth, only families moving out of the area caused these newest Tigers to move on.  

Our dedicated teachers and staff meet the needs of our students and the many modifications to our learning plan.  They are truly at the heart of what we do.  The instructional program and daily schedule adjusted to allow students to work in socially distanced ways, while staying within their own homeroom and small classroom cohorts.  While our primary plan was in-person instruction, several Tigers could not join us, some for an extended time or for shorter, necessary quarantines.  Teachers provided hybrid instruction either through an active online connection for our 4th-8th grade students or individualized meetings with our K-3 absence learners. Without our dedicated tutors, they found time to work with individuals and provide extra support amidst additional health and cleaning restrictions.  All the while, our exceptional teachers and support staff engaged our families in providing for the many different needs outside school that might hold back our best learning.  

Our incredible donors, Changemakers, and BT Believers amazed us with their generosity from meeting matching challenges to becoming sustainers. Moreover, generous grant support and federal relief funding ensure that COVID impacted operational changes were covered. These investments, combined with the consistent support of our sponsoring parishes at Assumption, St. Peter’s and St. Richard’s, kept our students in school and provided the necessary learning and technology resources to help them succeed. Moreover, we are able to look ahead to further improvements for our students, including new dry-erase boards in classrooms, device upgrades, and the return of many beloved field trips. 

Our school board and parish leadership collaborated on exciting new opportunities for our Richfield Catholic community. As we move into the future with one pastor leading our parishes  and school, we are confident in our ability to plan together, engage new partnerships, and more fully live our mission to share our love of Jesus Christ with the world. 

Most importantly, our students came together and thrived. They adapted to each change while continuing to learn, grow, and deepen their connections with one another and with God. We are so proud of all their accomplishments as they continue to develop the gifts entrusted to them by God. 

It is a great blessing to focus my work on living our mission to be Clearly Catholic, Intentionally Inclusive, and Academically Excellent. This year brought new ways to work so that we could continue to live our calling as the parish school community of Assumption, St. Peters, and St. Richard, dedicated to developing to our greatest potential as images of God. Thank you for the incredible investments in our school, community and our students


God Bless and Go Tigers, 

Patrick O’Keefe

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