Interactive White Boards

         in most classrooms.


At Blessed Trinity, we value our teachers for their dedication and commitment. We're not the only ones.  Here are just some examples of what Blessed Trinity parents say about our teachers:

“I feel there are so many wonderful role models for my child in the teachers and administration at Blessed Trinity.”
– A Blessed Trinity Parent

“I am amazed at how every teacher knows all three of my kids.  I love how involved the older kids are with the younger kids." (Example: Older students are "buddied" with younger ones for Mass and special activities).
– A Blessed Trinity Parent

“My children are learning a lot, and I’m proud of how well they’re doing.  They love their school and their teachers.”
– A Blessed Trinity Parent

“The teachers are ALWAYS willing to stay after school if one of my children feels the need to catch up or needs help in anything.”
Blessed Trinity Parents

"BT's middle school teachers always go the extra mile to be certain that all of their students are ready to succeed after 8th grade. This is possible because of the wonderful work of everyone else leading up to the middle school years.  Our kids know their fundamentals, which will take them to great academic places at their high school of choice."

– A Blessed Trinity Parent


This page is meant to be a resource for teachers but parents may wish to check out some of the on-line Resources our teachers use. Those links are found on the right hand side of this page.