Teacher Websites

Teachers use Google Sites to update information about what's happening their classrooms. Each "classroom update" portion of the site has an RSS feed to which you can subscribe to see all your students' teacher pages in one place.

Please note that some teacher pages are under construction as the year gets underway. When the site is ready to be updated regularly, it will be linked below. Thank you for your patience.

Email updates are now available through MailChimp. Subscribe to Classroom Updates to receive email updates from the teachers. Updates are sent at 4:00 p.m. daily, when new posts are available. You can change or cancel your subscription at any time. This is a new service we are trying. Please feel free to email Jill Elfering with comments or questions regarding this service.


Nicollet Campus
Mrs. Armbrust
Mr. Boyle
Mr. Dillon
Mrs. Kalbfell
Mrs. Myott
Mr. Stock
Ms. Sullivan

Penn Campus
Ms. Peterson
Mrs. Robinson
Mrs. Warmka
Mrs. Wyrick

Specialists (both campuses)
Mr. Miller
Mr. Diaz
Mrs. Elfering

Richfield Title I Services

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