Middle School (Grades 6-8)

The goal of the Blessed Trinity Middle School program is to provide a nurturing educational environment based on the unique development needs of the early adolescent child.

Adolescence is a time of great change. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students need to broaden their experiences and find areas of special interest and success. They also need close relationships with adults who serve as positive role models and provide guidance to them during these years of significant growth in their lives.

At Blessed Trinity, we strive to meet these special needs while providing a safe environment where students are challenged and can realize academic success. Through the creativity of an experienced faculty and a cooperative effort with the Academy of the Holy Angels, we are able to provide this educational setting.

The Middle School teachers specialize in various content areas. With an average of 20 or more years of professional educational experience, our teachers have the skills essential to providing an excellent education. This is exemplified by our standardized test scores, which indicate that our students consistently score well above the national average. The faculty also includes a school psychologist and counselor who help children overcome academic and personal difficulties.

Blessed Trinity offers a competitive core curriculum of Religion, Science, English, Reading, Social Studies, and Math. It also offers a broad range of exploratory classes and other opportunities aimed toward helping the child learn more about his/her interests and strengths. There are many opportunities in the fine arts areas as well as in a more scientific focus. Some of these courses are offered through the Academy of the Holy Angels.

Faith Development
As a Catholic School, teaching church doctrine and values along with the meaning of Christian community is primary to our mission. Religion is a core class. We strive to integrate Christian values throughout the entire day. Our students actively participate and help organize weekly Masses and attend retreats during the school year.

Service is seen as central to living out our faith, so we ensure that students have many opportunities to serve the greater community. Projects include visits to nursing homes, collecting supplies for foodshelves, raising funds for selected missions, and gathering toys or school supplies for programs that affect other children throughout the world.

Social Opportunities
In recognition that adolescence is an important time for developing interpersonal skills, Blessed Trinity offers a variety of sports and extra-curricular activities, service projects through the Student Council, and various other activities organized by the Youth Ministry programs of our 3 parishes. Furthermore, all teachers in the middle school program are skilled in guiding students appropriately through social and interpersonal situations on a daily basis.