Host Family Program

Expand Your Family – Expand the Fun!
Picture yourself introducing your exchange son or daughter to the American culture by going to the grocery store, window-shopping at the mall, taking in a baseball and/or football game, attending a concert, visiting a museum, or just cooking at home. Not only are you able to expand your family, but also expand the fun!

Whatever your favorite activities consist of, sharing them with an exchange student will make lasting memories for you and your new family member.  For your children, their new brother or sister may be their first exposure to another language, different customs, and new ways of thinking.These early experiences teach tolerance and may spark a lasting interest in world cultures, history, geography, and language.

KoAm students arrive with round-trip airline tickets, complete medical insurance, tuition, school fees and personal spending money for the duration of their stay. The exchange students show appreciation to the host family with a monetary gift. 

Blessed Trinity is seeking host families for the 2015-16 school year. Please contact KoAm Coordinator, Mrs. Nicole Riebe at 952-217-5510 or National Coordinator, Mrs. Haewon Park at 800-521-6640 and/or by email at To apply online, please visit KoAm's website at and click “Become a Host Family”.

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