Faith and Values

Blessed Trinity Catholic School is proud to partner with our parents and families to educate our children in the beautiful faith traditions of our Church. Religion class is part of our core curriculum and Church teachings are woven through everything we do. Our teachers see each child as an image of God and work to inspire students to discover and develop their own God-given talents; to share what it means to include, to love, to forgive and to pray; and to encourage a life-long love of learning.  We recognize the importance of preparing our students to succeed in this world, and in the world to come. Our students actively participate and help organize weekly Masses, prayer services, and other liturgical celebrations which are open to and celebrated by school parents and parishioners.
Service to Others
Service is seen as central to living out our faith, so we ensure that students have many opportunities to serve the greater good.  Projects include visits to nursing homes, collecting supplies for foodshelves,  raising funds for selected missions, and gathering toys or school supplies for programs that affect children throughout the world.  Since service is learned, projects like these teach responsibility and the importance of stewardship to the greater community.
At Blessed Trinity we are intentionally inclusive. We have a beautifully diverse community of learners and look like the world around us. Our students come from 16 school districts, many different ethnic backgrounds, and various socio-economic levels. Currently we have families from  Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Mexico, and other Latin American countries. Our students live, work, play and pray side by side. They are not learning to put up boundaries and barriers, but to love and accept one another. As part of our diversity curricum we choose one area of the word for an in-depth  exploration each year. Our students learn about other world religions and to respect other beliefs. We also learn through our program with South Korea, bringing children from across the globe right into our classrooms for a school year  or part of the year. Blessed Trinity families serve as hosts for these students and enjoy the opportunity to welcome them into their homes. 
Active Parish Participation
Catholic education is most meaningful when it is in the context of strong and practical faith. Our three parishes support the school generously and in many ways. We expect parish families of our school children to be active members of their parish community. This means participating in Sunday Masses, being involved in various parish ministries or other works of service, and regularly contributing financially to their parish.