Enhancement Courses

Required Courses

  • 1 Trimester of Keyboarding
  • 1 Trimester of Language Survey
  • 1 Trimester of Home Economics OR World of Technology
  • 2 Trimesters of Performing Arts, chosen from the following:
    • 2 Trimesters of Music (Appreciation, Fundamentals, or Vocal Performance) or 1 Trimester of Music AND one of the following:
      • 1 Trimester of Creative Dramatics
      • 1 Trimester of Band

Course Descriptions

Beginning Latin
This course is principally syntax, word recognition, and association with the English language. There will be some cultural and historical references as presented by the text. 10-15 - BT

Creative Dramatics
Students will learn fundamental theater production through story telling techniques using improvisation, movement, and theater games. 20 - AHA Teacher at BT

Keyboarding is a critical skill toward utilizing the computer as a meaningful tool. Students will learn keyboarding techniques for the computer and typewriter. With plenty of practice and direction, students will increase individual speed and accuracy scores. 'Mavis Beacon Typing' is the computer program that will be utilized. This course fulfills AHA's requirement for keyboarding. 20 - BT

Language Survey
During this trimester-long course, students have the opportunity to explore the French, German, and Russian languages. Topics covered include greeting and introductions, counting, telling time, colors, the family and simple conversational phrases. Students also learn something of the culture and geography of the countries where these languages are spoken. This course is divided into three four-week segments. This survey course introduces students to language learning and promotes global awareness. It gives them an opportunity to try out a language they may choose to take in high school. 20 - AHA

Music Appreciation and History
This is a survey of the history of western music, from Gregorian chant to popular music of the 1990's. It focuses especially on the great composers of the Baroque, Classic, and Romantic periods. Students will also look at what was happening in world history for each period that is studied. 20 - BT

Music Fundamentals
This class will focus on the basic elements of music, such as rhythm, melody, harmony, tone, color, etc. While the class will sometimes play instruments or sing in order to understand these concepts, this is not a performance class. The goal is to understand the elements of music better. 20 - BT

Vocal Performance
This class will focus on performing music. It will involve mostly singing, but can include some instrument playing and choreography, if the group is so inclined. This class forms the chorus for the spring musical, and also provides Mass song leaders, as well as performing at a nursing home and for special school events. Sixth graders only, 3rd Trimester. 20 - BT

World of Technology Survey
This course is designed to give the student experiences from technology used in the past, present, and future. Topics include power and energy, drafting and design, and uses of woods and plastics. Students will make toothpick bridges, mousetrap cars and CO2 wooden cars. 20 - AHA

World of Technology II
This course will give the student an opportunity to learn about woodworking. The course will consist of wood projects, proper use of woodworking tools and equipment, safety and injury prevention, and other woodworking related activities. Pre-requisite: Previously taken World of Tech Survey. 20 - AHA

Yearbook Production
A group of students will learn the activities necessary to produce the school yearbook. This will involve taking pictures, organizing pages for printing, etc. 10-15 - BT