The curriculum of a school is central to the instructional program. Blessed Trinity's curriculum is based on the tenets of its mission statement and on the need of our learners, their families, our three sponsoring parishes, and our larger community. Our curriculum strives to meet the needs of the whole child, including his or her intellectual, spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical demands.

To accomplish this, Blessed Trinity offers a well-rounded core curriculum consisting of: Art, English, Literature and Reading, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Religion, Science, Social Studies, Spanish (K-8), Technology Integration and Spelling.

  • Technology is integrated into our curriculum and instruction as a tool to enhance the learning process.
  • We recognize and value the unique gifts, talents and modes of learning in each child, and strive to meet their individual needs by offering many different paths to academic success.
  • By virtue of being a state-accredited school, our curriculum has been reviewed and approved by the Minnesota Non-Public School Accrediting Association (MNSAA). Teachers are state-certified in their particular grades or subject areas.
  • Learners needing special help have the services of the Richfield Public School Special Education department and Title One services.
  • We are proud of our curriculum and are pleased to report graduation examination scores well above the state average in reading and mathematics. Our commitment is strong that Blessed Trinity graduates are well prepared for the educational experiences which lie ahead.

Preschool is a special time to learn to be part of a group and part of a learning community.  We learn through interactions with the people and the things around us.  Blessed Trinity’s preschool learning activities and games are chosen for specific skill development.  Weekly and monthly units of study are focused around art, music, religion, math & reading readiness skills, and self-development activities. Special activities such as field trips, movies and class parties enhance our preschool program. Blessed Trinity offers a choice of morning or afternoon sessions for ages 3 and 4, along with year-round childcare before and after preschool and all summer long.

Kindergarten at Blessed Trinity prepares children for school success and to be life-long learners. We emphasize social skills as well as skills needed for reading such as beginning and ending sounds and high frequency words, math skills which build on each child’s natural sense of order and patterning, religion themes based on the child’s place among all of God’s creation, social studies centered on family and community, and hands-on science which encourages exploration of the environment. Music, art, and physical education are taught by specialists, and technology is used to enhance the curriculum. Blessed Trinity offers both full day and half day kindergarten options, along with year-round childcare before and after kindergarten class and all summer long.

Blessed Trinity's PreK-Grade 8 program offers
Daily prayer and weekly Mass or student-lead prayer services, academic continuity and rigor, a genuine feeling of being part of a family, a chance to build close relationships with caring teachers and other families, integration of Catholic Christian values in everything we do, a safe environment, and the advantages of school uniforms. We also offer many different sporting and extra-curricular activities, and opportunities for community service. We have an 13:1 student teacher ratio.  Our students are prepared well for life after Blessed Trinity, and we hear from the area high schools every year how our students are successful academically, socially and behaviorally.