Catholic Schools Raffle

We are excited each year to be selected to participate in the Catholic United Financial Catholic Schools Raffle. Because Catholic United Financial covers the entire cost of the raffle from prizes to promotional materials, Blessed Trinity keeps 100% of every $5 ticket that is sold!

Families will be selling Catholic Schools Raffle tickets after Richfield parish masses on the following weekends. Please stop by and buy your tickets to support our school!

January 21-22: Assumption, St. Peter's and St. Richard's

January 28-29: Assumption, St. Peter's and St. Richard's

February 4-5: Assumption, St. Peter's and St. Richard's

February 11-12: St. Peter's

February 18-19: St. Peter's





About Catholic United Financial

Catholic United Financial is one of the largest fraternal life insurance associations in the Upper Midwest, serving more than 84,000 members in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Catholic United offers life insurance, annuities, and retirement savings products to its members while providing fraternal benefits for Catholic parishes, schools and religious education.